Even in this high tech world, there will be occasions when things go wrong, we've all experienced the frustration when e-mail stops working.

i612.net customers benefit from a broader and more comprehensive personal support package.  Our in-house skills enable us to help you keep going no matter what the problem.  We will support you on all aspects of your internet experience including assisting on mail client (such as Microsoft Outlook) settings and configurations.

Should you require On-site computer maintenance, one of our recommended support associates will be happy to talk with you.

Web & Mail Support
We will provide full web and e-mail support from WebMail to Exchange.  We can also help you configure you mobile devices for mail retrieval

PC Mail Configuration Support
Should you need assistance setting up your local computer or network to access your new services, we will be happy to help, even if it means making a visit to your site,
On-Site PC support
In today's busy offices, the smallest of computer problems can be disabling, so we are always on hand to help you.  Should your problems be more serious, we will find the right person for you to talk with.



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